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Handmade Kashmiri wool scarf- B04

Handmade Kashmiri wool scarf- B04

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 A gorgeous hand stitched pashmina made from hand woven and hand dyes wool from the mountainous region of Kashmir.

This lovely scarf showcases the outstanding intricate hand stitch embroidery which is sophisticated and classy.

 This embroidery adorns the plush wrap, decorating it from top to bottom in an exquisite series of flowers which lie ingrained within each other.

It is the great endurance and hard work of the artisans who work day and night efficiently to make this exceptional pieces of art to adorn you for your special occasions. Hand embroidered by the ablest artisan, It took 34 days to complete this treasure. Pure 100% Fine Wool. Handmade and hand dyed. Each piece is a work of art using a hand stitching technique honed over years of practice.

This beautiful scarf is incredibly versatile and can be worn several ways. Draped gently over both or one shoulder, worn loose for a more relaxed daytime effect or simply fold it into a slim scarf to wrap loosely around your neck. With Its soft touch and dazzling look, making it an essential pick.


Colour: Royal blue base colour with oranges and reds

 Material: 100% pashmina wool from Kashmir

 Size: 2.2 x110cm


Wash and Storage Instructions
Utmost care should be taken to ensure longevity.
Dry-clean OR
1. Cold water only
2. Delicate detergent (wool)
3. Rinse in cold water
4. Dry flat
5. DO NOT soak
6. DO NOT wring

1. DO NOT hang knitted products, rather store in zip lock bags