Care instructions

A lot of skill and care goes into the manufacturing of our designs. We pride ourselves with extensive quality control during and after the meticulous manufacturing process.

Only A Grade leather is used in the manufacturing of our designs varying from Cowhide and Game Skins from South Africa & Namibia.

It is reasonable to expect that the colors and textures of the leather will change with time, this is why cleaning, conditioning and polishing your leather items are the necessary steps for maintaining the appearance of the leather. There are a wide variety of leather cleaners, protector-sprays and conditioners available at various outlets.

If in doubt and not within reach of Mandara, ask a leather professional like a shoemaker or a dedicated dry-cleaner that specializes in leather.

A well-cared-for handbag can last you a long time.

Knowing what type of leather you are dealing with is the first step in proper leather care. Here is a guideline to identify the different types of leather:


Sealed leather: Shiny / bit of a sheen on surface. Not fuzzy or matt. For example all our printed leathers fall into this category. You can apply a bees wax polish to protect & nourish the skin. If in doubt please contact us Mandara bags, or ask a specialist.


Suede & Nubuck: Soft velvety textured surface. It is porous so it is prone to take on dirt and dust and requires special care. It also has the capacity to become shiny after extensive wear.

It is the base of all our so called Buffed leathers. For care a suede brush needs to be purchased – minor dirt can be brushed out.

However, oil or liquids will mark. We advise using protector spray every 3-6months.


Veg Tan Leather: Matt surface with a raw/uncoated feel. It has been coloured but not sealed. It absorbs any liquid or oil because of its porous nature so will therefor mark. You can apply a bees wax polish, this will darken the colour but protect it. Or alternatively go with the natural patina that the bag will take on through wear. We advise using protector spray annually.


Game Skins: Skins can be tanned in different ways as mentioned above. Therefore care will vary accordingly. The natural flaws and marks have been acquired by the animal living in its natural environment, which means exposure to thorns & wild beasts... This is the beauty of game skins. They are each unique & the scars and marks must be embraced.

To care for your Mandara bag: 

Conditioning your leather handbag with a beeswax based polish will help prevent the leather from cracking, mostly true for sealed leathers (especially if you live in a dry climate).


Be aware that leather can take on transfer color from garments (especially denim) when brushing against whatever you are wearing.


Water resistance protection - please use a protection block out spray annually.


Clean according to the type of leather. If in doubt ask a professional.


Steer clear of water or oil based products. Leather is difficult to dry and may develop water stains. Keep your handbag on your shoulder or on a hook at all times.


Beautiful and durable as they may seem, leather handbags show their wear and tear easily, especially with scratches and scuffs. Regular conditioning will help extend the longevity of your bag.


Store your leather handbag in a dark, dry, room-temperature area. Store in a dust bag. This will prevent the leather from fading or becoming moldy. It is a natural product.


Stuff the inside of your bag with tissue paper to keep the sides of the leather from collapsing when not in use. This will help it keep its shape.